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The company's performance

PARAGON supplied nearly 2,000 safety barriers for the Salty Lake Heating Center Qinghai.

2016-09-06 11:29:18

Warmly celebrate Nanjing PARAGON Technology Co., Ltd to successfully supply nearly 2,000 safety barriers for Boiler 7 electrical control project of Sa...

PARAGON supplies electromagnetic flowmeter for Brembo equipment modification project

2015-10-07 16:54:27

Warmly celebrate our company to supply electromagnetic flowmeter and complete installation for Brembo (Nanjing) Braking System Co., Ltd equipment modi...

Warmly celebrate that commissioning of PARAGON electromagnetic flowmeter was completed successfully in Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Company

2015-08-14 16:55:16

On August 10, 2015, 59 electromagnetic flowmeters installed and adjusted by Paragon for Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Company were accepted smoothly, m...

Military ship application passed acceptance

2015-03-10 16:54:09

At the very beginning of the new year, celebrate our special parameter transducer passed the acceptance organized by the military side and were succes...

Paroken successfully signed a long-term product contract for 12,000 units per year

2014-08-17 16:53:47

帕罗肯科技PA/PR系列隔离器,经过一段时间的试用后,成功签下某仪表厂1.2万只/年用量长期配套隔离类产品的合同,并与09年10月份完成首批供货。此次供货的系列涵盖我公司PA系列信号隔离器(PA-1187有源信号隔离器,PA-11直流信号隔离器(一入一出) PA-12交流信号隔离器(一入一出)PA-...

Paroken technologies won an order from Shanghai mobile for 2,400 isolation transmitters

2014-06-16 16:53:31


Paragon successfully matched a batch of flow meters for the project

2014-04-22 17:01:35

Application of military ships, acceptance qualified

2014-03-27 11:12:43

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