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Paroken successfully signed a long-term product contract for 12,000 units per year

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Paroken technology PA/PR series isolator, after a period of time of trial, successfully signed a contract for 12,000 / year of long-term supporting isolation products of a certain instrument factory, and completed the first supply in October 2009.

The supply of series include our company PA series signal isolator (PA - 1187 active signal isolator, PA - 11 dc signal isolator (a) PA - 12 ac signal isolator (a) PA - 13 distribution isolator (a) PA - 14 thermal resistance signal isolator (a) PA - 15 thermocouple signal isolator ((a into a kind of intelligent) PA - 16 potentiometer signal isolator (a) 17 frequency/analog signal isolator PA PA - 18 analog/frequency signal isolation), PR/PG series signal isolator/signal distributor/distribution isolator (pr-112 dc signal isolator (one in two out) pr-212 ac signal isolator (one in two out) PR - 312 distribution isolator (a) into two PR - 412 thermal resistance signal isolator (a) the two thermocouple signal isolator PR - 512 (a) into two PG - 113 isolation distributor (three) PG - 114 isolation distributor sovereigns (a) PG - 1132 distribution isolation distributor (sovereigns into three out, into the) PG - 201 passive dual channel signal isolator (two) into two out of the PG - 211 active dual channel signal isolator (two in and out) Pg-202 passive two-channel isolation distributor (two in and two out) pg-213 active two-channel isolation distributor (two in and two out) pg-401 passive four-channel signal isolator (four in and four out) pg-214 thermistor signal isolator (two in and two out), Power type ac transmitter (pa-20 single-phase ac current transmitter pa-21 single-phase ac voltage transmitter pa-22 frequency transmitter pa-23 three-phase ac current transmitter pa-24 three-phase ac voltage transmitter pa-25 power factor transmitter pa-26 active power transmitter pa-27 reactive power transmitter pa-28 active power transmitter combination pa-28 reactive power transmitter).

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