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Nanjing Paragon Co., Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in research and development, production, sales of industrial field signal isolation\transformation products, etc. The company is based in Jiangning Scientific and Technological Park Jiangning Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Nanjing, and the scientific and technological park is affiliated to the National Electrical Incubation Center. As a manufacturer specialized in production of signal isolator, isolation distributor, isolation allotter, safety gate, electrical quantity transducer, Paragon Technology has been devoting itself to research and development of series products such as various industrial class high quality signal isolator, modulator and transducer, etc.

By virtue of first class development competence and production technology, premium product quality and strong technical support capability, after more than 10 years of efforts and technology accumulation since 2000, we have produced (OEM) nonstandard customized products for many customers in related fields, with many proprietary technologies in such aspects as miniature, temperature drift, accuracy and reliability of signal isolator, etc. Out products gain very high reputation in the field of industrial automatic control, and we have become a reliable partner of more and more companies.

Our products are widely used in every field, involving many industries such as electricity, petrochemical industry, cement industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, mining, aerospace, textile, pharmacy, transportation, shipbuilding, plastic and rubber, paper making, automobile manufacturing, etc. At the same time, we can also provide the customer with complete reliable overall solution for signal isolator, signal modulator, signal transducer, etc.

In order to better facilitate serving the customers in different region at home and abroad, the company sets up production bases in Nanjing and Beijing, welcome extensive customers to cooperate with us nearby.

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